Tawl – The art of dining

About Tawl and Wiebke Lehmann

There is an art to transforming a table into a feast for the senses. The French have a set expression for the art of table dressing: “l’art de la table”. It encompasses things that often only have an indirect impact on our perception of food: dining is not just about sustenance, but a sensual experience influenced by our surroundings. Whether food tastes good or exquisite depends to a large extent on the “staging”. It takes high-quality crockery, cutlery, glasses and table linen in keeping with the cuisine to transform a good meal into a holistic experience that appeals to the palate, the eye and the touch.


Having spent over 20 years in the business, Wiebke Lehmann understands how all these elements tie in together. The trained ceramist and certified ceramics designer is aware of the skill that goes into hand-crafted porcelain. She knows what a plate or bowl needs to look and feel like in order to enhance the enjoyment of food from a visual and haptic perspective, making it truly sensational. Her work starts where the interior designer’s leaves off: as a table dressing specialist, she sets the scene wherever crockery, glassware, cutlery and table linen are needed ­– be it a top restaurant, a luxurious boutique hotel or a private household. She decorates tables for breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, in seaside villas and mountain lodges.


Thanks to her long career with leading porcelain manufactories, focusing on international first-class gastronomy, Wiebke Lehmann has a wealth of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the market. She is familiar with the production lines of all the great manufactories, from the big names to artisan ceramics from Japan or Scandinavia. On behalf of her customers, she plans the table decorations down to the finest detail, taking into account personal preferences and expectations in terms of style and design. When doing so, she draws on an archive that ranges from the Chinese origins of porcelain through to Augustus II the Strong of Saxony and contemporary minimalism. Whether you have a certain style in mind – be it elegant, rustic or baroque – or want your table decorations to reflect a particular decor, menu or culinary establishment, Wiebke Lehmann has the perfect tableware at hand.


Sustainability, quality, and designs that stand the test of time for years or even decades are important considerations for Wiebke Lehmann. She is convinced that a table has to be both aesthetic and functional in order to look inviting. However, an artistic table design is not a question of budget: bespoke combinations, unusual arrangements and an eclectic mix of affordable and statement pieces bring vibrance and charm to any table.

No table is just a table – with a touch of personality, it can become an exquisite tablescape.